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  • Gerochristo

    Gerochristo Company has one of the most modern workshops, employing the most skilled goldsmiths, craftsmen and engravers, with long experience and high inspiration.

  • Honor Omano

    HONOR is a jewelry brand with a cultish identity appealing to people who are standing at the forefront of change.

    With a truly subversive spirit and a contemporary feel, it expresses the versatile personalities of urban culture. Provocative design, daring material experimentation and impeccable quality are essential elements for each HONOR creation.

    HONOR jewelry are designed and produced exclusively in Athens, Greece. They are available at selected jewelers & department stores globally.

  • K.AND.

    Katerina Andriagiannaki and her team, keeping their own laboratory, transform their long experience in the art of jewelry, to named passion!

    It’s all about the promising brand K And. Looks are captured by the Rough and Roll collection by K And.

    Motion, perspective, inspiration, simplicity, vivid artistic sensibility, silver 925, 18 carat gold, precious and semi-precious stones compose the character of handmade jewelry K And.

    Original pendants and rings with recognizable personal identity, become must – have pieces gaining impressions.

    The most special feature of Rough collection and Roll is the movement, as the special rings that enclose them, are swirling circular giving a whimsical dimension through their dynamic design.

    Declaring their unique presence in the Greek handmade jewelry the brand K And with this innovative collection applies to modern women and men who know how to bring out their personal aesthetic look through unique styling options.

    A collection that has a brand name, character and harmoniously combines the modern with the classic style.

    Do you dare to rough and Roll?

  • Krinaki

    The brand Krinaki Handmade Jewelry was launched by Fotini Krinaki in 2000. The company has evolved over the past 20 years and now owns a workshop, that produces all the jewelry in-house and a retail store. Both are located in the center of Athens, Greece. The collections are inspired by the beauty of ordinary things. Through fine craftsmanship and smart design, it is turned into an everyday luxury. Amor, Lux ,Textum are only a few of the collections made of 14kt gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones. The vast variety of the designs is enriched once a year by adding new items to the basic collections and by brand new ones. The focus of our company to produce affordable jewelry of high quality, along with our dedication to our customers and reliable after sales services, have helped us steadily grow our network of retailers to more than 400 around the world.

  • Oniro Jewelry

    Handmade jewelry made with silver 950 and enamel in many different colors.

  • Stelios Jewels

    The Stelios-Jewels jewelry founded in 1992. Our jewels are hand made silver 925 with semi precious stones. Our designs are unique, timeless with aesthetic. Our jewelry adorn many shop windows in Greece and abroad.

  • Stella Deligianni

    Stella Deligianni was born in Thessaloniki. She studied economics at the University of
    Thessaloniki, but  soon, her creative aspirations drew her into the world of jewelry. In 1984, the duo "Pleiades" was formed and, at the same time, a place under the same name was created at the centre of Thessaloniki, where she began experimenting with the materials and techniques used in the"art of jewelry".

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